Essentials to bring when travelling with Stein Study

This goes without saying. Not only will your memories be preserved forever, you know you’re just dying to be that person on Instagram & Facebook who makes everyone jealous with your study abroad travelling pics. Why not go one step further and make strangers jealous by sharing your photos on our official Instagram page with the #instastein.

You won’t get very far without your passport, but before you pack it, remember to check that it isn’t about to expire (I made that mistake before). It’s also worth packing a photocopy of your passport, and other important documents.

Unfortunately, you can’t go on one of our trips without having a bit of money. But instead of carrying loads of cash around with you,It is recommended that you order a visa card from your local bank, and you can also use it withdraw cash at most ATM machines, so you don’t need to exchange currency.

God forbid you should fall ill when you are on one of our trips but its best be prepared for the worst. First up, we have paracetamol. Worth taking a stash with you, since you’re familiar brand is not always available abroad. Next on the list is some anti burn cream. The sun can be very dangerous and we don’t want anyone suffering from sunstroke!!

I guarantee that despite your good intentions to start a blog, by the time you get round to typing it up, you’ll have forgotten loads. Nothing beats lying on a beach in say Cadiz, (which you will have time to do) with a notebook in your hand, writing about your latest travel adventures and capturing how you’re feeling at that very moment.

Travelling without music on long bus journeys is no fun; plus, the songs you listen to will forever remind you of your travels. Plus, you can use your smartphone to access wifi in all our various destinations. Google Maps may come in handy when you are exploring a new Country.

I know most of our destinations are in hot places but there is no harm bringing some of your Irish weather essentials. There could be one odd day where you are left needing them.

Feel like you have the essential sussed, but still undecided about which course to take, here’s a random option that might tickle your French Fancy.