How to choose the right destination to study abroad?

How to choose the right destination to study abroad?

You’ve made the exciting decision to study abroad to improve your foreign language skills and now you need to decide where to go! The country you go to is obviously dictated by the language you want to study - Spanish in Spain, German in Germany and French in France. But there are different destinations to choose from in each country and with so many great destinations available, the decision making can get a little tricky.

We’ve put together a guide to what you should consider when choosing the right destination for your study abroad experience.

  • Educational programme

The most important element of your study abroad experience is your course. So you need to first decide which course type you would like to enrol on and then look at where that particular course is offered. Here is a list of the course types offered by Stein Study:

  1. Secondary School Programme
  2. TY Intensive Courses
  3. LC Prep Courses
  4. Junior Summer Courses

Go to and click on courses to find out about each course type and to decide which is the right course for you. Once you have decided on your course type and you know the available destinations, you can start to evaluate each destination and suitability for your requirements.

  • Location

Are you looking for a city/town located on the coast so you can enjoy the beach and perhaps some water activities and sports? Or would you enjoy being in a culture-rich rural town steeped in history and culture? Our range of destinations caters for all and there is sure to be a location type that appeals to you.

  • Available activities

All Stein Study courses offer a range of daily activities and weekly excursions but if you have a particular preference then choose your destination based on this. If you want to partake in watersports for example, consider La Rochelle in France or Cadiz in Spain. If you enjoy hiking or mountain bike riding then you should look at Benalmádena and San Sebastian in Spain or the German destinations of Lindenberg or Bad Schussenried, where you can also try skiing or snowboarding in the winter months.

  • Accommodation preference

Some of our destinations offer on-campus accommodation and others offer homestay accommodation where you will stay with a local family. Consider what type of accommodation you would prefer and then look at each destination’s accommodation type when making your decision. Some of our courses do offer both options for you to choose.

Wherever you decide to study abroad, you can rest assured that all Stein Study courses are carefully chosen based on the quality of the language school and the suitability of the destination for young students