Make the summer of 2018 one to remember!

Make the summer of 2018 one to remember!

If you are considering study abroad options for this summer, but are daunted by the prospect of travelling alone, have you thought about booking to go with your friends? You can combine a rewarding study abroad language program with a summer holiday of fun and activities with your friends, by attending one of our short term summer courses.

Included in all our study abroad programs is a program of activities and excursions for you and your friends to enjoy, as well as plenty of free time to explore and discover your chosen destination. You can share accommodation and stay together either on campus or for some courses you can share a host family.

Here’s our pick of the best 2 courses for travelling with friends.

1. Transition Year Intensive Course in La Rochelle

La Rochelle is proving to be a very popular destination for our students and is an ideal location for teenagers. This magnificent port town boasts plenty of open green spaces to hang out with friends and participate in a range of fun activities, as well as beaches and the sea for the more adventurous who want to spend their free time carrying out water sports.

The course is run by the excellent language school ‘InLingua’. You can attend for just 2 weeks or for up to 10 weeks and are guaranteed to see your French language skills improve in a short amount of time. You will attend 30 hours a week of classes with plenty of time to enjoy some free time with your friends out and about in La Rochelle. Your accommodation will be in shared rooms on campus and you can request that you and your friend(s) stay together.

Starting dates are throughout May and June. Contact us now for further information.

2. Leaving Certificate Prep Course in Cadiz

Cadiz, Spain is the destination to choose if you and your friends are looking to combine a study abroad program with a typical beach summer holiday. It is a safe and friendly town with amazing beaches to sunbathe, swim or surf!

The course is run by our partner school Clic International House and differs to our TY course by including focused LC prep classes. You will attend 20 group Spanish classes each week and 10 LC prep courses focusing on exam preparation and oral comprehension. There is plenty of time to enjoy a host of fun activities and free time to socialise with friends and to explore Cadiz. Curfew is 11pm during the week and 1am at weekends.

You will stay with a carefully selected host family and are able to share a host family and a room with a friend.

Starting dates are throughout June. Contact us now for further information.

So what are you waiting for? Book a study abroad program now for this summer with your friends and return home with memories and stories that will last a lifetime.

Read up on all our study abroad programs for 2018 here – there is sure to be something suitable for you and your friends.