Round Up Your Squad and Study Abroad

See yourself as something of an event planning master? Do you lap up language like it’s a tasty beverage? Is there a budding marke-teer just waiting to be released from within? Are you sick of us asking random questions? Well then, you’re an ideal candidate for our REPz programme. What is this impressively named job title? Well, it means that you get to travel abroad with Stein Study, learn a language, and bring your friends with you. But before you go, your mission is to host events and help us promote our epic language courses. You’ll receive training from our friendly team, who’ve been in the marketing game for donkey’s years. So expect to learn lots, meet lots of people, and gain some notable skills that’ll look pretty snazzy on your C.V.

Want to gain a little more inside info? We speak to Niamh, a past Stein Study REPz ambassador or REPz-ologist as she likes to call herself. She tells us a little about her experience with working with us….

How did you hear about REPz?

I actually heard about it through a friend who had done it the year before me. She told me that she basically recruited a whole squad of her friends to go to Spain. I said, Yes Please, and signed up online as soon as I got a chance.

What did you do to recruit your squad?

Stein Study made it real easy for me actually. They rang me and invited me in for training. They explained the whole process for promoting the course — I chose to go to France. They gave me lots of tips and ideas for spreading the word about my trip. I’m pretty lazy so I didn’t do anything overly creative, I set up a Facebook group page explaining the trip, I filled it with links to the city, the activities and excursions we’d go on, and I loaded it with summery looking images from Instagram and Pinterest. I think I threw some Youtube videos up as well for an added subliminal summertime temptation. A lot of my friends were already talking about the Leaving Cert too, so I explained that the trip really would help us out with our orals and ultimately we’d get better grades.

Was it hard to persuade your friends?

Actually no! Surprisingly I got four of my friends to come along! It was a really exciting feeling to know that I had made this trip happen in a way. And it really gave me some insight into how I can promote products like you would in advertising or things like that. It definitely made me think a lot more about looking into a marketing career! I think a lot more of my friends would have come, except some of them already had plans, or maybe they would have preferred to go to a different city. But my facebook page definitely opened up a lot of my mates’ minds to studying abroad, so maybe they’ll even do it in the future sometime.

Would you recommend REPz to a friend?
I’m biased because I’m an REPz-ologist, and I had such a great time working with the Stein Study team (they’re really nice). Yes, I would completely recommend it! Go for a few weeks over the Easter, in the summer, whenever; you have to do it.