Short term or long term Study Abroad trips: Which is right for you?

Short term or long term study abroad trips: Which is right for you?

Spend your Transition Year in France, Spain or Germany to improve your foreign language skills ahead of your Leaving Certificate. Study French in France, German in Germany or Spanish in Spain with one of Stein Study’s carefully constructed study abroad programmes. You can choose to study abroad for a short period of time (2 to 6 weeks) or for a longer period of time (up to 12 months).

Not sure whether short term or long term is right for you? Read on for a summary of the advantages of each.

Why consider a short term study abroad programme?

  • Less time commitment

If you already have other plans for your TY and can only commit to a few weeks to study abroad then there are some very effective short term programmes that will help improve your language skills in a short period of time. Stein Study’s TY Intensive and Leaving Cert prep courses include up to 30 lessons per week that will see your language skills improve in leaps and bounds. Our TY Intensive course in Lindenberg, Germany for example will send you home with much improved language skills after just a few weeks. To prepare for your forthcoming Leaving Cert, opt for the Leaving Cert prep course in Lindenberg which includes an additional 4 private lessons with a German tutor, focusing on learning the syllabus for your written and oral Leaving Certificate exams.

  • Combine with other travel arrangements

You can combine your study abroad programme with another travel commitment. Spend 2 weeks in Cadiz, Spain for example on our TY Intensive course in Cadiz and then go on to travel to other Spanish destinations with friends and family to practice your Spanish language skills. Or for a short term improvement to your French language skills, consider the TY intensive course in La Rochelle on the West coast of France and within easy reach of other popular French holiday resorts.

Why consider long term study abroad programme?

  • Full immersion in the local culture

When you stay somewhere longer term, you get to know the local way of life and become immersed in the local culture more than if you are somewhere for just a few weeks. Opt to study at a secondary school abroad with one of our Secondary School programmes and you could stay up to 1 whole academic year studying at a local school with local students. Your language skills will benefit greatly from not only studying the language but also living and socialising with local students in boarding residence or with a local host family.

Our top Secondary School programmes in France include our French Boarding Secondary School Programme in Loches where you will stay at a top international boarding school with local students and study only French. And our TY Secondary School programmes in La Rochelle where you will stay with a local host family and attend a carefully chosen secondary school and take subject classes with local students, as well as receive language tuition at a partner language school.

  • Plenty of time to see and experience the surrounding area

Staying for a longer period of time will allow you to see the local area and experience a range of exciting activities and excursions that are included with the course. All our courses include free time to explore the local town/city, time with your host family and weekly afternoon and weekend excursions. With so much to do at all our destinations, staying longer term will allow you to see and experience everything before your return to Ireland.

If you love sports then consider spending a term or even a year in Seville with our Secondary School programme in Seville, Spain where you will be able to participate in school sports with your new friends. There is also surfing and other water sports to try.

Whether you choose a short term or long term course, you won’t regret spending some of your TY abroad to improve your language skills. For the full range of short term and long term study abroad programmes offered by Stein Study, click here or give us a call on+353 (1) 475 9646 .