The benefits of studying abroad in a secondary school

The benefits of studying abroad in a secondary school

There is no need to wait until you leave school to experience life in a foreign country. You can spend up to a year studying at a secondary school in France or Spain. Use your Transition Year wisely to improve your foreign language skills, see new places and to meet new friends from other countries. You are sure to take away a wealth of experiences and memories from your time studying abroad and you will stand out amongst your friends back home by doing something so different.

Here are some of the benefits of spending your TY at a secondary school abroad in France or Spain.

1. You will learn the language far quicker

By being amongst French or Spanish students each day, you will pick up the language far quicker than if you study the language back home with your fellow Irish students. Listening to the language being spoken during school and even at home (with homestay option) will greatly improve your language comprehension and introduce you to a much wider vocabulary. You will be learning without even knowing it.

2. Gain a better understanding of the world

Travel gives people a new perspective on the world and helps them appreciate their place in it. Being able to travel long term at an early age will put you one step ahead of your peers back home. It will help give you an understanding of what else is out there and help influence your future life decisions and even career choices.

3. Make lasting friends from other countries

There is no easier way to meet people than at school and secondary schools usually offer a big social scene for students. You don’t have to worry about not making friends or meeting people, there is so much to do and experience at French and Spanish secondary schools, you will be overwhelmed with the choice. You are sure to make new friends that will stay firm friends long after you return home to Ireland.

4. Become more independent

Travelling develops your sense of independence. During your time abroad at a secondary school, you will learn to make your own decisions and do more things for yourself than you typically would at home. Although you will be staying with a local host family, it is likely that they will not do everything for you and you will have to make your own decisions and maybe do your own chores! And of course, you will get some free time away from school to discover the town/city you are staying in and get the opportunity to truly be independent in a foreign country.

5. Something to stand out on University or job applications

This is an added bonus to studying abroad at a secondary school. Universities receive thousands of applicants for their courses so it is good to be able to include something different in your application to help make you stand out from the crowd. Spending a whole year learning a foreign language abroad is not something many secondary students can say they have done!

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