The top 5 things to do in Lindenberg

The best things to do in and around Lindenberg, Germany

If you are looking for a German destination for your study abroad experience then consider the pretty town of Lindenberg where Stein Study has partnered with the esteemed Humboldt Institute to bring you a great TY Intensive study abroad course. The school is located on the edge of the small town and is open all year round for up to 200 students, making it one of the largest and most experienced providers of German language tuition.

Lindenberg basks in sunshine during the summer months and it’s location in the foothills of the Alps and close proximity to Austria, Switzerland and Lake Constance offers students the opportunity for some great excursions and recreational activities. If you choose to stay during winter you will most certainly get the opportunity to go skiing or snowboarding in the Alps.

Excursions are run twice weekly by the school during your stay and are included in the price of the course. Here’s a run down of our top picks of things to do in Lindenberg and the surrounding area.

Lake Constance

A trip to this majestic lake offers striking scenery with incredible views of the Swiss Alps. The area around the lake is rich in culture and history with many castles, medieval villages and beautiful gardens to enjoy. It also offers plenty of swimming and watersport opportunities for the sports enthusiasts.

Skiing and snowboarding

During the winter months (January to March), the school offers a 1 to 4 week skiing/snowboard course (for an additional fee) to students enrolled at the school. The lessons take place in the afternoons after students have finished their language studies for the day and then on Saturdays the skiers are taken to a skiing resort in the Alps.


Munich is an hour away from Lindenberg and offers a great day trip to one of Germany’s larger cities. With its centuries old buildings and numerous Museums, Munich provides students with a great educational day trip and an all important opportunity for students to practice their German language skills.

Lindenberg Town

A walk to the town from the boarding school is worth the short trip during a stay at the Humboldt Institute. Order a coffee at one of the cafes and practice your German with the locals. Pay a visit to the interesting and ultra modern Hat Museum.

Daily activities at the school

And finally, in additional to the weekly excursions, there is also an extensive programme of sports, games and cultural events held at the school each afternoon and evening which includes: badminton, basketball, football, crafts, TV room, discos, piano, football, mountain biking, sauna, snowshoeing and ice-skating, swimming, table tennis and table soccer, volleyball. There really is something for everyone!

If you want to learn German in Germany in this beautiful area of the country, click here for details about our Transition Year Intensive Course in Lindenberg or click here to learn more about the Leaving Cert Prep Course.