The best way to learn French!

The best way to learn French!

Learning a foreign language can be challenging especially for busy school students juggling multiple subjects along with extra mural activities and hobbies as well as busy social lives!

So how can you make learning a language more efficient and easier? Here’s some pointers on the best way to learn French.

  • Study the French language regularly with daily classes

Spending some time each day studying and practicing a language can help reinforce the learning. Cramming French for half a day and then not practicing again for a week is less effective than learning some French each day. Stein Study courses have been developed to incorporate daily French language courses with plenty of fun activities and opportunities to practice the language with friends outside of class time.

  • Immersion

Immersion is by far the most effective way to fast track your French language learning. Being immersed in a French speaking environment will force you to speak French as there will be no alternative. Study French in France itself and you will see your French language skills progress in leaps and bounds. On a Stein Study course you will attend a Language School or a local Secondary School and be encouraged to only speak French in class. But more importantly, you will get the opportunity to stay with a local French host family who will only speak French to you.

  • Review and Repeat

It is important for students to go back and review what they have learnt on a regular basis. With so much to get through, students often make the mistake of concentrating on new material and not going back to review and repeat what they have previously learnt. Advice: For each hour spent learning new material, spend at least one hour reviewing old material.

Attend one of Stein Study’s study abroad programmes to benefit from these 3 techniques to improve your French language skills. It is a great way to improve your French language ability during your Transition Year or over the summer period.

Click here to find out about our range of courses which includes:

Junior Summer courses for ages 13 plus

Transition Year Intensive courses for ages 14-17

Transition Year Secondary School Programme for ages 14-17

Leaving Cert Prep Courses for ages 15 plus

And what’s more, there is a great range of destinations in France to choose from. Fom small pretty rural towns such as Loches to vibrant sunny cities by the sea such as Cannes, there is sure to be something to suit you. Don’t wait, book a study abroad course and you will return from France with impressive new language skills.