5 Things you need to know about studying abroad in Germany

What you need to know before studying abroad in Germany

Germany is a very popular destination for international students looking to study abroad. Their academic institutions are highly regarded by employers around the world and the country offers many advantages. If you are thinking of studying German in Germany in 2018, here’s a summary of what you should know about studying abroad in Germany.

1. Top quality academic institutions

German schools and universities are ranked amongst the best in the world. By choosing to study abroad in Germany with Stein Study, you are guaranteed a top class language learning experience at a top class establishment. Furthermore, you will have a valuable addition for your future CV for when it is time to leave school and get a job.

2. Culture rich society

Positioned in the middle of Europe, Germany has been influenced immensely by the surrounding diverse ethnicities. As a result it offers a culture-rich society and is therefore the perfect destination for students looking to experience a new culture and way of life. It is steeped in history with each region offering its own history rich architecture and culture to appreciate and enjoy.

3. Friendly people

German people are on the whole very welcoming to international students and enjoy sharing their country with others. They often speak English but will appreciate the effort made by international language students willing and able to speak German to them.

4. Beautiful setting

Germany is a beautiful country – its cities are full of well-kept green parks and spaces coupled with stunning historical architecture. Its rural areas range from forests, mountains and lakes. All breathtakingly beautiful and a treat for study abroad students looking to experience something different.

5. A range of weather

In the summer months, the climate is mainly warm and sunny with the temperature often ranging between 21° and 27° C. There can also be a lot of rain so remember to pack a raincoat and umbrella. In the winter months, the temperature can be very cold and often drops below 0. There is often plenty of snow so if you are planning to study abroad in the winter, pack plenty of warm clothes. You may even get the opportunity to ski!

Stein study currently offers two German destination options – Bad Schussenried and Lindenberg. Click here to find out more about these two German study abroad destinations and the various courses available.