Transition Year Spotlight: How to Cure Transition Year Boredom...

1. Get a job:
Start off the year by making a good quality CV and cover letter. Hand in your CV to as many places as possible. A job would be a great way of making money to pay for foreign trips with your school during Transition Year.

2. Sign up for Gaisce:
Gaisce is a great idea for TY students. Students must take part in four activities for a minimum of 13 weeks. Activities include a personal skill, a community involvement, a physical activity and an adventure journey. Once these activities are completed TY students receive a Bronze Gaisce Award. This looks great on a CV as it shows leadership skills.

3. Take up a new hobby:
Transition Year is the perfect time for you to take up a new hobby. Be adventurous and think of something you might like to try. Whether it’s a musical instrument or a new language use your free time wisely.

4. Get involved in as much as possible:
Don’t get into a habit of being lazy just because there is not a lot of schoolwork to do. Sign up for all the opportunities in school and outside of school and you may be surprised at how much more enjoyment you’ll get out of the year.

5. Apply for extra work experiences:
Apply for more work experience placements outside the allocated times. Work Experience looks good on your CV, therefore, the more you have the better. As well as organising language holidays, Stein Study also offers a digital marketing week of work experience for TY students and a student even reviewed their experience, check it out.

6. Audition for the school musical/play:
Whether or not you are interested in performing, try to get involved with your school’s play or musical. Even if you do not like to perform there are plenty of jobs backstage that you can apply for such as stage design, assistant director and set design.

7. Volunteer for a charity:
Volunteering for a charity is great to do in Transition Year. As well as looking good on your CV it can be included for Gaisce as your community work. Charities are always looking for help and are very grateful to those who do.

8. Travel with Stein Study:
Going on a language holiday is a brilliant idea for 4th years. Not only do you get a holiday in the sun but you also have the chance to improve the language you will be studying for the Leaving Cert. Stein Study offers languages courses in France, Spain, Germany and Italy. These courses allow students to learn languages as well as learning about the local culture. Studying abroad is one of the most practical and enjoyable things to do in Transition Year and should be considered by all students in TY.

9. Join a school sports team:
Joining a new sports team enables you to make new friends, be active and cure boredom at the same time. Try taking up a new sport that you never considered before. Seeing as you have more free time in Transition Year now is the perfect time to do it.

10. Enter competitions like the BT Young Scientist:
Entering projects in competitions like the BT Young Scientist and Sci-Fest are great things to do in Transition Year. Doing projects like this allows everyone to get involved in things they wouldn’t normally do and you also have the opportunity to win great prizes along the way.