Transition Year Work Experience 2014/2015 off to a Flying Start

We are now into our third week of the Stein Study Transition Year work experience programme. We thought we would get some feedback on how our students found their experience and more importantly what they learned.

Carl from Bettystown in Co. Meath explained:

If you are in Transition Year and you see a future in either marketing or language then Stein Study has the TY work experience programme for you. Our TY work experience program promises to be effective, productive, entertaining and challenging.
You should do this work experience because:

  • It gives a greater insight to modern digital marketing and what a career in marketing involves.
  • Helps you to gain the best experience possible in a positive and healthy working environment.
  • It allows you to see the fun and interactive side of marketing and travel.
  • Tasks that TY students usually participate in during the work experience include producing marketing videos, Social Campaign Strategy and planning.
  • Engaging with clients on social media.

Benefits of working with Stein study during TY are:

  • Learn to market using social media such as Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter.
  • Learn more about the language courses offered by Stein Study.
  • Get used to working with new acquaintances while creating marketing material.

For these above reasons, you should definitely apply for work experience at Stein Study . It’s a blast!

We are delighted to get such positive feedback from our students and we are always looking for new candidates to apply to our TY work experience programme.

Visit Transition Year Work Experience Page for more information.