What’s it really like studying abroad in Lindenberg?

What’s it really like studying abroad in Lindenberg?

We have been busy sending off and welcoming home many students to and from Lindenberg, Germany over the last month and we are hearing great things back from them. Here’s a summary of some of the feedback we’ve received from students and their parents about their study abroad experience in Lindenberg.

Patrick thoroughly enjoyed his experience in Lindenberg. He found the classes very beneficial and brought home notes and paperwork which will be very helpful next year in school. He enjoyed interacting with other adolescents from different countries and is very keen to return again soon. Overall Patrick had a very enjoyable experience.

Parent, Teresa

“My trip to Germany this year was amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I feel that my German has improved massively during the trip. I now have a much better understanding of the grammar and I am much more comfortable speaking in German. The best part of the trip was making new friends - I met wonderful people who were great to spend time with. I really enjoyed spending time with them and it brought the trip to another level.”

Student, Cillian

“Andrea really had a great time in Lindenberg. She has benefitted enormously and has grown in confidence. The entire trip from the first contact all the way to the end was really well organised and coordinated. I would recommend Stein to other parents.”

Parent, Mary

“Elizabeth had a wonderful time and only wished she could have stayed another few weeks. She felt her German really improved and everyone was kind and helpful.”

Parent, Miriam

Here are the fundamentals of studying in Lindenberg.

  • The School

The Humboldt-Institut Lindenberg is open all year round and we send students from Ireland every season of the year, starting any Monday. There are breathtaking views of the Alps from the classrooms and bedrooms which are all modern and fully equipped. During their stay, students get the opportunity to partake in a range of recreational activities in their spare time including swimming, mountain biking, miniature golf, ping pong and even snowshoeing in the nearby mountains.

The school’s facilities are beyond impressive with outdoor sports fields, indoor courts and a gym, a climbing wall, indoor swimming pool, barbeque area and a huge lawn for activities and sunbathing in the summer. The courses

There are 3 course choices for study abroad students heading to Lindenberg.

1. TY Intensive Course

The TY Intensive Courses are a great way to improve your German in a short period of time. You will have 30 language classes per week in small groups of 10-12 pupils. You’ll learn alongside other international students and through interactive group work and will improve your overall German comprehension and expression as you practice conversation skills together. There is also plenty of time to enjoy the fully equipped campus.

2. Leaving Cert Prep Course

These courses have been carefully formulated to help you with your forthcoming LC exams. As well as 30 hours a week of small group classes, you will also receive 2 weekly private lessons which will be tailored to focus solely on the Irish LC syllabus, in order to leave you feeling confident enough to sit your upcoming oral and written. Again, there will still be time for activities and fun on campus with your fellow students as well as weekend excursions.

3. German and Ski

This exciting new course offers students the opportunity to ski or snowboard each afternoon following their morning German lessons. Students attend 25 German lessons per week in the mornings before heading to a nearby ski slope with the school’s welfare workers for 2 to 3 hours of ski/snowboard lessons and practice.

Click here for more information on these study abroad courses in Lindenberg. Book soon to secure your place for 2019/2020.