Class Duration

Class Per Week

Student Age

Class Days

*Subject to change. Some activities may have an additional cost.


Fly as a group to Nice airport.

Transfer provided to host family

Students meet at Dublin airport and meet their Stein Study Group Leader.

Welcome party at language school.

Flight Advisory


Four French lessons.

Introductory information meeting and a level test

Free time to explore Nice, make new friends and get to know their host family.

Orientation meeting with a tour of the city.


Four French lessons followed by two Leaving Certificate preparation classes

Sports activities

Students will either attend a cultural workshop held by the language school or enjoy free time with friends or their host family.


Four French lessons followed by two Leaving Certificate preparation classes

Students attend a supervised sailing lesson organised by the language school

Games are organised on campus grounds


Four French lessons followed by two Leaving Certificate preparation classes

Free time to spend with friends in Nice or with your host family

A movie night organised by the language school


Four French lessons

Students can enjoy Nice’s shopping scene or play sports with friends

Spend the evening checking out the casino or enjoy spare time with friends.


Students will be taken on an excursion to a nearby tourist destination, such as Monaco.

There will be a disco organised by the language school.


On Sundays, students will either fly home or enjoy free time

Course Summary

12 Students

16 - 18 year olds




We are delighted to be partnered with the superb Alpha B language school based in Nice. The tutors at this exceptional school use stimulating and interactive methods to ensure that students gain confidence in their written and oral French comprehension.

As their overall conversation skills improve through speaking French with fellow students and teachers in everyday situations, students will feel more prepared to sit oral and written Leaving Certificate exams.

Students will either attend twenty or twenty six French classes per week. The twenty classes are taught in small classes using interactive methods and resources. The additional six classes are optional and will focus solely on the Leaving Certificate syllabus taught in smaller groups which creates a more personalised environment.

This quality accredited language school is based in the popular French Riviera capital of Nice. Here students will improve their conversation skills both within and outside of the classroom. Speaking French outside if class is an integral part of improving your fluency. You’ll speak it during the activities arranged and excursions with fellow students and the locals to ensure you completely reap the benefits of this immersive experience.  

Dates & Prices

For twenty group lessons, accommodation, half board, four weekly activities and two weekly excursions, the price list is as follows:

                          4th June

Two weeks


Three weeks



In order to ensure our students have a positive experience while studying abroad, securing safe and comfortable accommodation is vital. The dedicated staff at this superb language school previously assess all host family accommodation to ensure they are able to meet each student’s requirements.

During your stay, you can share a double room with a friend or if you are travelling alone we will place you with another student. Alternatively, students can opt to stay in a single room for a surcharge.

In your homestay accommodation you will be provided with breakfast and dinner. You can buy lunch at the language school.

Your host family home will be located a short distance from the language school. Staying with a native-speaking French family is a fantastic way to enrich your immersive language course. You can experience French culture and lifestyle first hand while you build confidence in conversing with your friendly host family on a daily basis.

School Introduction Video

Students can opt to stay from two or three weeks. If you book a two week trip but want to extend your stay while you’re there, that’s no problem.

Students will stay with a welcoming host family who live a short distance from the Alpha B language school in Nice. Each host family is previously vetted by the school staff.

You’ll fly out on the 4th of June 2017.

Transfer between the airport and your host family’s home is provided on arrival and departure.

While all meals are provided, you’ll need money for socialising and shopping during your time away.

Having a foundation of conversational French is beneficial to students going on any of our language courses but even less advanced students will see their fluency flourish in a short space of time during this immersive experience.

You’ll need to arrange your own flights. But we will provide you with the details needed regarding the airline you’ll travel with, the flight number and flight times of your outgoing and return journeys to ensure you travel with your Group Leaders and fellow students.

Students can opt to share a room with a friend or can be placed with another student if they have travelled alone. Staying with a student who you didn’t know before your trip is a great way to widen your circle of friends while getting the chance to practice your language skills with new people.